Palm EFB Chopping Machine Running in Thailand

By:Mr Darren Chen
Position:Project Sales Director
Feb 01, 2018
As the rapid development of the biomass energy in recent decade, palm EFB has been widely accepted as one of the main biomass raw materials. One of our South Thailand clients, who has a 10 MW steam turbine biomass power plant, uses the palm EFB as the fuel to the biomass boiler. The palm EFB raw material transported from a large palm oil mill, 3 miles from the power plant. After pressing, the palm EFB would be cut into shorter fibers, which is easy to be fed into the boiler and helpful to the fully combustion. In this power plant, around 600 MT of raw palm EFB would be burnt per day.
Krabi Factory in Thailand
Raw Material Palm EFB
Krabi Factory Inner View
Oil Palm EFB

Our client has 6 sets of disc blade cutter for cutting the pressed palm EFB raw material, but the output palm EFB fiber is too long, which could not meet the boiler feeding and combustion system. The client was seeking for more efficient palm EFB chopping machine, and finally chose SIMEC BX-G318D2 palm EFB chopping machine.
Former Palm EFB Presser and Chopping Machine
Compare Chopped Palm EFB by Disc Chipper and SIMEC Chopping Machine

Comparing with the disc chipper, SIMEC BX series palm EFB chopping machine are specially designed for chopping the palm EFB raw material into 3-5 cm short fiber. Our chopping machine is easy to installed. The feeding inlet is widen for feeding the raw material without blockage. The production is efficient. Through many years of R&D, we improved our chopping machines, which are more simple for operation and maintenance. Please review this blog to know more about the advantages of our EFB chopping machine.
In the end of April, after our client almost finish the installation of the chopping machine, we sent two of our engineers to help our client finish the installation and do the commissioning. The client provided professional electricians and machinists to finish the installation and commissioning together with our engineers.
All of the work was carried out smoothly. After commissioning, the palm EFB chopping machine preformed very well. The output palm EFB fiber is fluffy and loose, and the size is much shorter than the former fiber produced by the disc chippers. The capacity also reached to 20-25 mt/hour, which meet the client’s need.
Adjusting the Palm EFB Chopping Machine
Chopped Palm EFB

Besides the palm EFB chopping machine, the client also ordered 2 sets of load cell conveyors and one set of blade grinding machine as the auxiliary equipment. The loading cell output conveyor installed under the palm EFB chopping machine could weigh the real-time capacity and record the the capacity daily, monthly and yearly. It helps the client know more clearly about the consumption of the raw material.
Belt Weighting Machine
SIMEC Palm EFB Chopping Machine Output

The automatic blade grinding machine is customized for the BX-318D2 palm EFB chopping machine, which can grind 4 pcs of knives at the same time. The knives are fixed on the high strength electromagnetic chuck. After the operator adjust the angle of the chuck in the right position, the grinder can grind the knives automatically.
Blade Grinding Machine
SMD-2900 Blade Grinding Machine

The commissioning to the palm EFB chopping machines, balde grinding machine and loading cell conveyors was successful. The client was satisfied with the performance of all of the equipment, and signed the Project Taking Over Statement. During the two weeks, SIMEC engineers also trained the operators for how to operate and maintain the equipment correctly, which makes the equipment always run in the best condition.
SIMEC also supply the 7x24 hours on-line after-sales services to help our clients solve the problems or answer their doubts to the equipment.
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