Pellet Bagging Machine

Jumbo Bag Packing Machine

By:Ms Season Tian
Feb 01, 2018
I. Jumbo Bag Packing Machine
      Jumbo bag packing machine is the heavy weigh and packing equipment for the jumbo bags material. SIMEC jumbo bag packing machine is the multifunction machine with the functions of electric weigh, automatic bag-removing and dust-cleaning. It is of highly automatic, high packing precision, adjustable packing speed, favorable structure, particular hydraulic lift system making it easy to deal with the jumbo bag packing, convenient to the later processes. This jumbo bag packing machines applies to wood pellets, palm EFB pellets, sugarcane bagasse pellets, mineral products, chemistry, building materials, food and feed industry, etc. 
II. Main Structure of Jumbo Bag Packing Machine
      Pneumatic hook clip package system, air inflation and return system, feeding weigh control system, hydraulic efficiency elevation, convey rollaway nest, electrical control and so on.
Jumbo Bag Packaging Machine

III. Technical Features of Jumbo Bag Packing Machine
  • Jumbo bag packing machine is designed and made according to the different raw material and the production requirement of the manufacture. The device is of advanced technique, wear well and less quick-wear parts
  • The feeding and continuously viable process of jumbo bag packing machine is stable and of high packing precision at high packing speed.
  • Programmable electric control system, high reliable control process.
  • Dust prevention and extraction design reduce the dust pollution of working environment.
  • The weighing system is electrical platform calculate, adopts full panel digital timing and parameter setting, has the functions of total weight displaying, automatic peeling, automatic zero tracking and automatic fall correction, etc. High sensitively and anti-disturbing capability.
  • The instrument panel equipped with communication interface, convenient for online and networking, achieves the real time monitoring and network management.
IV. Jumbo Bag Packing Machine Working Principle
      Materials fall from the calculate stock bin above the packing machine, uniformly feed to the jumbo bag packing machine by the vibrator feeder, and get through the buffer bucket, pneumatic rod valve, pneumatic gate valve, lifting device, weighing device, bag clamping device automatic measurement packing, when the bag reaches the set weight it would fall down to the plate chain conveyor, and sent to the designated spot then transported by forklift. The plate chain conveyor can convey several bags of material at the same time.
Jumbo Bag Packaging Machine