Log Debarker

Log Debarker

By:Ms Season Tian
Jul 07, 2015
Log Debarker

This log debarker is the ideal equipment to peel 50-200mm diameter wood logs barks .It uses the special acting force generated by the rotor of barking teeth, making wood cyclical motion in the through plate of silo, also the wood will do turning motion revolve its axis and beating irregularly . During the peeling, constant friction, hit against, extrusion among wood and teeth, wood and wood, wood and through plate of silo, tree bark will be stripped rapidly, to achieve efficient stripping effect.

  • Fast Speed;
  • Stripping completely;
  •  Easy operation;
  • No pollution and noise;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Suitable for irregular shape of wood logs or branches.
Technical Parameters:
  • Motor : 7.5*2KW
  • Debarking diameter : 5-20cm
  • Capacity : 7-8 ton/h
  • Peeling rate : >95%
  • Timber lose rate : <2%
Photos of log debarker:

Performance characteristics: 
  • Adopt the open bin, one end feeding, another end out material of a pipelined operation, to overcome the existing power cut feeding, discharging, segmented way of working shortcomings, high work efficiency
  •  As the teeth impact of wood segment, the wood doing circular movement within the housing, and the rotation around itself, so the peeling effect is high. On frozen wood, dry wood and hard skinned species also has a good peeling net rate
  • Adaptability of wood, can be of different species, diameter, length and shape of the timber peeling. As the wood does rotary motion and the irregular beating, the bending log uneven part can be well touched with peeling tooth. So the net rate of bending wood peeling is much higher than other drum.
  • The housing is fixed, low energy consumption, low failure rate, maintenance workload is small, low vibration and noise, the machine can produce on the ground directly, even do not install the base, easy to operate.