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Palm EFB Chopping Machine

By:Ms Season Tian
Feb 01, 2018
SIMEC Palm EFB Chopping Machine Running in Thailand

With the fast development of the palm oil industry, throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South America, Africa and other regions and countries around the world, how to effectively utilise the massive amount of the byproduct palm EFB perplex the owners. As the biomass pellet market booming these years, to convert the palm EFB into biomass pellets has been getting the nod by the oil plant owners and the pellet market. But many investors quit the plan helpless, due to the high cost of the pretreatment of the raw material. 
With more than 20 years’ experience in the biomass pellet industry, we have invented the efficient palm EFB chopping machine, which costs less and operates simply. 
The palm EFB chopping machine is one key machine of our palm EFB pellet plant with new technology and high processing efficiency. Comparing with the traditional pretreatment to the palm EFB, our palm EFB chopping machine can directly chop the fresh palm EFB with 70% moisture content into 10-50mm fiber without squeezing the liquid out. The chopped fiber could be easily dried and finely crushed in the following palm EFB pellet processing, which guarantees the high quality of the final palm EFB pellets products. 

Palm EFB Chopping Machine
Palm EFB Chopper

1. Easy Installation
The chopping machine can be simply installed on the hardened and flat floor without any foundation to civil work, which can save the installation cost and move the machine conveniently. 
2. Widen Feed Inlet
Thanks for the widened feed inlet, the palm EFB can be fed to the chopping chamber smoothly without blocking and intertwining. 
3. High Production Efficiency
With unique designing of the roller and the knife inside of the machine, the lengthened knife roller, enlarged diameter of the roller and the unique arrangement of the knife, the machine can shred the palm EFB from massive to short fiber efficiently;
4. Long Serve Life
The chopping machine shell is made from thick and heavy casting carbon steel, which is very strong and bears the running of the machine. We produce knives and rollers with alloy steel and unique designing, which can chop the palm EFB efficiently and durably. 
5. Safety
Thanks for the appliance of the famous brand electrical apparatus elements and the voltage-reduced starting device in the cabinet, the motor can be protected when it starts. 
6. Energy Saving
Comparing with the other palm EFB chopping machine, due to the unique designing of the knives and rollers, the palm EFB can be chopped via a 110kw motor driving instead of a 220kw with the same output capacity. 
Palm EFB Chopping Machine Test Run
Palm EFB Getting into Chopping Machine
Chopped Palm EFB Fiber
Palm EFB Fiber

Technical Parameters of Palm EFB Chopping Machine: 
Model BX-G3135D BX-G216D BX-G316D BX-G316D1 BX-G316D2 BX-G318D BX-G318D1 BX-G318D2
Power 30kw 55kw 55kw 55kw 90kw 132kw 160kw 185kw
Capacity 1-3t/h 6-8t/h 6-8t/h 8-10t/h 10-12t/h 10-15t/h 15-18t 20-25t
Feed Inlet Size (mm) 360*180 620*250 620*250 1100*250 1250*250 750*300 1100*300 1300*320
Required EFB Size(mm) 180 500*200 500*200 500*230 500*230 650*280 650*280 650*280
Main shaft Speed 680rpm 680rpm 680rpm 680rpm 650rpm 650rpm 620rpm 580rpm
Knife Roller Width 360mm 600mm 600mm 1200mm 1350mm 780mm 1200mm 1400mm
Knife Roller Diameter 500mm 650mm 650mm 650mm 650mm 850mm 850mm 850mm
Knife Amount 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs 5pcs 5*2pcs 5*2pcs
Overall Size

Palm EFB Chopping Machine Test Run Video:

SIMEC palm EFB chopping machine has specially designed electric control system for customers to choose based on their practical production conditions.

Electric Control Cabinet Main Panel Diagram
Remote Controllers of Palm EFB Chopping Machine

There're three control options:
1- To control on the cabinet (this is okay when technician is close to the cabinet)
2- To control by remote controller (this option is necessary when your technician is not in control room, but far from machine)
3- To control by far distant controller (this option can be installed very close to machine, for any urgent operation)
Three control options can make action at the same time. In palm oil mills, there’re often many impurities mixed with palm EFB, such as stones. The linkage control system will contribute to reduce running risks which caused by impurities. It is specially designed by SIMEC R&D team, based on our experience in palm EFB chopping.
Please DOWNLOAD THE ELECTRIC MANUAL to get instructions for detail information and operation methods of the control system.