By:Ms Season Tian
Mar 12, 2019

Cooling of pellets is an indispensable process of pelletizing section. Temperature of granules from pellet mill can be reduced from 70℃~90℃ to 3℃ ~5℃ higher than the room temperature by using the reverse-flow cooler, and to the required  moisture(≤10%) for the convenience of pellet transport and preservation.

Photos of pellets cooler machine:

pellet cooler
wood pellet cooler

Technology parameter of pellet cooler machine:

Model Cooling Volume (m3) Output
Cooling Time min Air-absorbed Volume (m3/h) Power
SKLN11 1 0.5~1 6-10 5000 2.2
SKLN14 2.5 1~2 6-10 10000 3
SKLN19 5 3~6 6-10 15000 3
SKLN22 8 7-9 6-10 27000 2.2+1.5
SKLN28 10.8 11~14 10~20 54000 5.5+1.1

Introduction of Wood Pellet Cooler :

  • Autocontrol cooling period. It makes the fresh pellets hard dry.
  • Cool air flows from bottom to top, while the pellet drop from top to bottom, they fully meet and cool completely. The manufacturing steel plates is 3mm thick. The cooling system consists of Vessel, Wind-in Cone, Discharge System, Feed Port, Exhaust Inlet, Level Control Indicator. This equipment should be used with Air Lock Feeder, Cooling Wind Net.
  • The Vessel is made of good quality carbon steel. It has Feed Port, Exhaust Inlet, Level Sensor Window, Stable Plates,etc. The Wind-in Cone is made by welding the punched screen deck groups. It has discharge port, wind inlet, connection flange,etc.
  • Discharge System consists of shell, discharge mechanism, driving system,etc. The Level Control Indicator consists of sensor level indicator, level adjustment system,etc.
  • The cooler can be equipped with Star-valve discharging System; continuously and stable discharge.