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EFB Shredder

By:Mr Darren Chen
Position:Project Sales Director
Mar 09, 2022

EFB Shredder is specially designed to break and shred EFB into short fibre with a wide range of adjustable length. The minimum achievable length of shredded fiber is 6mm. EFB shredder is also adaptable to reduce the size of other long fibrous feedstock, such as coconut husk, sugarcane bagasse, etc.
Multi groups of V-type patented moving knives are mounted on the sturdy rotor. When the rotor rotates toward counter knives, it provides a highly efficient scissor cutting action. The fibrous feedstocks are sheared and sliced into uniform short fibers less than 10 mm. Free of blockage and overload can be achieved due to multi-point shearing actions performed between rotor knives and counter knives.
Widened feed hopper and large diameter rotor contribute to steady operation and high throughput rates. Heavy duty and constant operation can be guaranteed thanks to thickened machine case and reinforced components.
A complete shredding system consists of belt conveyor, EFB shredder, dust collecting system, draught fan, piping system and control panel. Multi-stage discharge system enhance production efficiency. A soundproof enclosure with double-layer soundproof cotton on the inner surface can effectively reduce noise during operation.

  • Reinforced welded construction made of heavy gauge steel plate;
  • Inclined and split design of shredding rotor, easy for maintenance;
  • Oversized bearing system is adapted to the heavy-duty shredding force;
  • High precision CNC machined rotor;
  • Electrical or hydraulic opening mechanism, quick access to the shredding chamber for maintenance and cleaning;
  • Replaceable wear-resisting plates are equipped at either end of the rotor shaft.
  • Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel with high quality electrical parts and PLC module;
  • The whole system complies with CE safety standards.

Technical Parameters:

Model SJQ800 SJQ1200 SJQ1200T SJQ1600T
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 2165×1780×3090 2165×2180×3090 2490×2270×3330 2490×2670×3330
Hopper Inlet (LxH) (mm) 750 × 820 1150 × 820 1150 × 1020 1550 × 1020
Rotation Diameter (mm) Ø 520 Ø 520 Ø 660 Ø 660
Operation Length (mm) 800 1200 1200 1600
Rotation Speed (RPM) 520 520 520 520
Number of Rotor Knives 5×2 5×2 7×2 7×4
Number of Counter Knives 3×1 3×2 3×2 3×2
Main Drive (kW) 55~75 75~90 90~132 110~160
Hydraulic Power Pack(kW) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Weight(kg) Approx 4400 Approx 5500 Approx 7250 Approx 8500


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