Wood Pellet Equipment Delivery to Israel

By:Miss Season Tian
Position:Operation Director
Nov 24, 2023
One of our customers from Israel has ordered one set of SPM780 pellet mill, one set of SD1500 double shaft shredder and one unit of sawdust feeding system to plug in their current 2-2.5 TPH wood pellet line.
The customer has rose wood, pine wood and some other kinds of wood raw materials. Final products of this wood pellet line are 6mm and 8mm wood pellets. The client sells the pellets to the local market for house heating in winter.
The SD1500 double shaft shredder is used to shred the large size wood stumps and branches. With double shaft design, the shredder has large torque to shred the oversized wood raw materials into small size wood chips, which are less than 5cm.
SIMEC SPM780 wood pellet mill is able to produce 2.5-3 tons of wood pellets per hour. The maximum capacity can reach to 3.5 TPH according to our project sites’ feedback. Any kind of soft wood sawdust and hard wood sawdust can be pressed into hard and glistening wood pellets.
There is a triple shaft anti-blockage mechanism in the inlet of the screw feeder. It can prevent any blockage while discharging the raw material from the silo. The speed of the screw feeder is adjustable.
Double force feeder design ensures the raw materials are distributed into two rollers evenly. It reduces the vibration caused by the uneven raw material feeding, improves the production efficiency and extends the service life.
The main shaft bearing and gear box are lubricated automatically. The lubrication oil is cooled and filtered, and then recycled to lubricate the main shaft bearing and gear box. The grease is pumped to lubricate the roller bearings automatically from an auto grease lubrication device.
The automatic anti-overloaded protection system is able to guarentee the safe operation of machine and protect the safety of operators.
We loaded all of the mentioned equipment above in two 40’ HQ containers. The cargos will be shipped to Haifa port, Israel.
Here is the detailed information of container loading:
  Container No. Packages Weight (KGS) Measurement (CBM)
1# 40’ HQ Container OOLU8346893/00LRM0264 6 PKGS 11935 24.005
2# 40’ HQ Container OOLU8485501/00LRM0267 4 PKGS 10220 38.06
  Total 62.06 CBM 22155 KG
Packing details of each part:
Description No. Main Items Overall Size (mm) Weight (KG)
SD1500 Shredder 1 Double Shaft Shredder 3850*2400*1900 11000
2 Feed Hopper 2100*1900*1000 170
3 Outlet Conveyor 3000*1200*500 240
4 Control Cabinet 1400*300*700 65
5 Motor 850*550*600 400
10 Reducer 350*800*300 60
Sawdust Feeding System 6 Sawdust Feeding System 4000*2100*2100 1800
Pellet Conveyor 7 Pellet Conveyor 480*840*720 300
SPM780 Pellet Mill 8 Pellet Mill 4000*1900*2050 7270
9 Screw Feeder 2500*1400*1300 850
    Total 62.06 CBM 22155 KGS
SD1500 Double Shaft Shredder to Israel
SPM780 Pellet Mill Main Body to Israel
SPM780 Pellet Mill Conditioner to Israel
Autonatic Lubrication System to Israel
Packed Electric Control Cabinet to Israel
SPM780 Side View to Israel
SPM780 Pellet Machine to Isreal
Release date: 2018-03-06