Wood Pellet Burner Delivery to USA

By:Ms Eva Wang
Position:Operation Director
Jan 10, 2024
A pizza oven producer in the USA adopted SIMEC automatic wood pellet burner as heating unit. The thermal power is adjustable between 60 to 100 kW. The burner and controller were tailored according to the required cooking temperature and control loop. The operator of pizza oven only needs to set operation parameter on the controller, then the cooking temperature can be accurately regulated and automatically sustained. One button start/stop enable the handy operation.
In early March 2023, SIMEC finished the manufacturing and sent the production report to the client. The outstanding design and attractive appearance of the pellet burner deeply satisfied our client. SIMEC pellet burner will contribute to the performance optimization of the client’s pizza oven. In the last week of March, the pellet burner will be shipped to Austin airport, TX, USA.

Packing Details:
No. Item Packing Size (mm) Gross Weight (kg) Net Weight (kg)
01 Pellet Burner 900x450x500 57 40 kg
02 Fuel Feeder 2500x300x160 10 12.5 kg
TOTAL 0.323 m3 67 kg 52.5 kg

SIMEC Pellet Burner
Small Wood Pellet Burner
Release date: 2023-05-12