SPM420 Wood Pellet Mill Shipped to Cirebon

By:Mr Darren Chen
Position:Project Sales Director
Jan 25, 2024
Recently SPM420 wood pellet mill and control cabinet were shipped to Indonesia on 24th December 2023. The client runs a wood flooring mill in Cirebon, generating about 2 tons/day of wood sawdust and wood shavings, pretty dry, about 12%~14% moisture. The species include meranti, teak, etc., very typical tropical hardwood. Only very robust pellet machine is up to converting such biomass material into qualified wood pellets.
After many investigations, the customer finally chose SIMEC technology, because he understood that we had a lot of practical experience in the production of hardwood pellets. From inquiry to confirmation of order, it only took one month. The customer will install SPM420 pelletizer, start from 1 ton/hour production of wood pellets, then expand according to market feedback. There’s sufficient supply of sawdust and shavings in Cirebon.
SPM420 wood pellet mill is equipped with adjustable feeder, automatic lubrication system, ring die & roller hoist device, etc. All of these are the standard configuration of SIMEC.
SPM420 Pellet Mill
SPM420 Wood Pellet Mill
Wood Waste Pellet Mill
After seaworthy packing, pellet machine and control cabinet were sent to Shanghai port. Please refer to the packing information below.
 Shipping Mark  Package Dimensions
Volume Net Weight Gross Weight Packing Details
3000*1300*2000 mm 7.8 m³ 3200 kg 3215 kg pellet mill, tool kit, pneumatic grease pump.
   750*450*1820    mm 0.61 m³ 100 kg 105 kg control cabinet
Total Amount  8.41 m³  3300 kg 3320 kg