Roller Assembly Delivery to Wood Pellet Plant in Indonesia

By:Mr Darren Chen
Position:Project Sales Director
Jan 09, 2024
A regular customer in Indonesia booked two sets of roller assemblies for SIMEC SPM520 wood pellet mill, which has been employed in client's wood pellet factory since 2017. It's the first time for the owner to change to new roller assembly since 5 years' normal operation of SIMEC SPM520 pellet mill.
An eccentric shaft, two bearings, a roller shell, and other sealing and locking components compose a roller assembly.
Roller Assembly Packing
Roller Assembly SPM520 Pellet Mill

Precision CNC machining makes each part perfectly match the others, ensuring smoother operation and longer service life. The wear-resistant roller shell is made of high-quality alloy steel processed by carburizing heat treatment.
Roller assembly are well packed in a steel case, and have been shipped to client on March 07, 2022.

Packing Details:
Item Quantity G.W. N.W. Packing Size
Roller Assembly (SPM520 Pellet Mill) 2 pcs 150 kgs 126 kgs 540x280x510 mm

Release date: 2022-03-15