Pellet Mill Spare Parts Delivery to Sragen, Indonesia

By:Mr Evan Wang
Position:Managing Director
Jan 12, 2024
SPM520 wood pellet mill was installed in Sragen, Indonesia in the year of 2016. The pelletizer is equipped with 2 sets of 75 kW electric motors. Production capacity is 1.5 to 2 tons per hour. The client Mr Prapto makes both 6 mm and 8 mm diameter wood pellets. The raw material is wood waste from surrounding saw mills. Due to the high quality, his wood pellets are always out of stock. Local traders need to place advance orders of wood pellets, and pick up at the address of his factory: jalan solo purwodadi, KM16, banaran, Kalijambe, Kab. Sragen, Jawa, Indonesia.
In late November 2022, a batch of spare parts were delivered to Mr Prapto by sea. The cargos include ring die, roller shells, roller assembly. The service life of ring die can reach 1500 hours according to Mr Prapto’s production record.
Ring Die Sragen
Ring Die SPM520
Plywood Case
Packing Details:
Packing Dimensions
Volume Net Weight Gross Weight Packing Details
700*700*280mm 0.14 m³ 130 kgs 145 kgs SPM520 Ring die
800x280x580 mm 0.13 m³ 220 kgs 246 kgs Roller assembly, roller shell
Total 0.27 m³ 350 kgs 391 kgs  

Release date: 2022-12-27