Palm Kernel Meal Pellet Mill Delivery to Indonesia

By:Dominic Meng
Position:Project Sales Director
Jan 30, 2024
In recent years, animal feed industry is developing very fast in Indonesia. In order to meet the growing demands, a feed mill located in Malang decided to expand production capacity of cattle feed pellets. Their new formula of cattle feed contains over 32% of palm kernel meal. Protein content of PKM ranges 14.4%–20%. It also contains a high amount of carbohydrates (50.3%) and crude fiber (16.7%). To adapt to this formula, SIMEC has fine tuned the design of SFPM420 pellet machine to ensure the best quality of feed pellets. 
PKM Pelletizer
PKM (palm kernel meal) is of vegetable source. It is a high quality source of energy which contains vast amount of Metabolisable Energy (ME) and Crude Fibre (CF) (Averagely 14% protein, 7% fat, 18% crude fibre, NDF, ADF and so on) which is an excellent choice of animal feed. It is free of aflatoxin, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, dioxins and pesticides thus it is safe for animal feeding. High dry-matter content inherent in PKM discourages the growth of mirco organisms and optimizes growth performance of livestock.
However, due to the abundant contents of Crude Fibre, the pelleting process of PKM requires very robust pellet machine. That’s why the client choose our SFPM420 feed pellet mil. Based on extensive project experience, SIMEC provides the advanced pelletizing technology to realize the application of palm kernel meal in feed formula. Pellet mill is equipped with dual layer conditioners to adapt to a variety of materials and formulations. 
Dual Layer Conditioner
Cattle Feed Pellet Mill  Malang
All the cargos were loaded into one piece of 40’ HQ container, and shipped from Qingdao Port on Oct. 26th, 2023. 
Packing Details:
No. Packing Dimensions
Gross Weight
Packing Details
SIMEC01 2200*2300*1650MM 8.349 3700 SFPM420 Pellet Mill *1 set
SIMEC02 650*850*620MM 0.342 220 Ring die *2 pcs
SIMEC03 650*850*620MM 0.342 280 Ring die *2 pcs
SIMEC04 500*1330*700MM 0.465 62 Tools of Pellet Mill *1 set
SIMEC05 500*1330*700MM 0.465 560 Roller Shell *20 pcs
Roller Assembly *4 pcs
Ring Die lifting Device *1 set
SIMEC06 3500*1450*1700MM 8.6275 1400 Screw Feeder *1 set
Conditioner *2 set
SIMEC07 5350*1170*1110MM 6.948 1160 Screw Conveyor *1 set
Belt Conveyor *1 set
Pneumatic Valve 1 pcs
Pneumatic TP Valve *1 pcs
Level Sensor *1 pcs
SIMEC08 790*540*1850MM 0.7892 90 Control Cabinet *1set
SIMEC09 500*500*310MM 0.0775 100 Ring die *1 pcs
Total   26.405 7572