Research On Producing Coffee Parchment Pellets

By:Mr Dominic Meng
Position:Project Sales Director
Aug 26, 2021
Coffee Parchment is a naturally occurring, papery substance that surrounds the coffee bean, just like the endocarp (membrane-like layer) that surrounds many other types of fruit seeds (such as apple seeds). It is mainly composed by xylans (35%), lignin (32%), and cellulose (12%). The abundant organic nature supplies sufficient energy source and natural adhesive force.
Additionally, the parchment is an important byproduct which comes from coffee processing industry. Hulling dry processed coffee refers to removing the entire dried husk--the exocarp, mesocarp and endocarp--of the dried cherries. Hulling machinery removes the parchment layer (endocarp) from wet processed coffee.

Coffee is by far, one of the most popular beverages over the world. Especially, in South America, there are many countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru, being the top coffee producers have a huge supply of coffee beans, with sufficient coffee parchment supply as well. It makes industrializing and scaled production of coffee parchment pellets feasible.
Coffee Parchment
Coffee Parchment Pellets
As byproduct, the supply of coffee parchment is sustainable. Accordingly, the coffee parchment can be a great alternative source of raw material for making biofuel pellets in the future.

Attached to the largest multinational corporation of coffee bean supply based in South America, a developer of coffee parchment pellet production has confirmed to adopt SIMEC pellet machines. Before setting up the biomass pellet plant, a live demonstration of coffee parchment pelletizing was done by SIMEC.

The pelletization of coffee parchment sample is in charged by SIMEC SPM250 Laboratory Pellet Mill.
Fabulous test result is enabled by advanced pelletizing technology and performance.

Live Demo of Coffee Parchment Pelletizing:

Coffee parchment pellets were tested in a third party laboratory. After being pelletized, the calorific value of coffee parchment pellet reaches 4280 Kcal/kg. As solid biomass fuel, its specifications can meet the requirements of global market. Please refer to the full test report in the table below.

Description of Goods: Solid Biomass Fuel (Coffee Parchment Pellet, Diameter: 4mm)
Parameter Test Method Value
Total moisture (Wet basis) CEN/TS 14774 9.08 %
Ash (Dry basis) CEN/TS 14775-2004 4.07 %
Volatile matter (Dry basis) CEN/TS 15148-2005 77.23 %
Fixed carbon (Dry basis) ISO 17246:2005 18.5 %
Sulphur (Dry basis) CEN/TS 15408 0.041 %
Gross calorific value (Dry basis) CEN/TS 14918 4280 Kcal/kg
Density (Dry basis) CEN/TS 15103-2005  673 kg/m3
Total carbon (Dry basis) GB/T 476-2008 43.5 %

Coffee Parchment is an ideal material to make fuel pellets. It’s easy to be formed due to its proper moisture, size and natural properties. Abundant supply and high calorific property destines its great potential as mainstream biomass fuel.  

SIMEC is full of experience in the pelletizing technology of coffee based waste. Please feel welcomed to contact us for any questions that you may have and let us help you.

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