Integrated Coarse Grinding and Fine Pulverizing

By:Mr Darren Chen
Position:Project Sales Director
Aug 31, 2021
SIMEC ultra-fine pulverizing machine is specially designed to convert a variety of raw materials with diversified particle sizes into ultra-fine powder products. The ultra-fine pulverizing system consists of Coarse Grinder, Pulverizer, Cyclone, Pulse Dust Collector, Fan, Piping System and Control Cabinet. The fan is equipped with a dedicated muffler, aiming to greatly reduce the noise level. Free of dust emission can be achieved as the pulverizing presents in an enclosed production path backed by an outstanding pulse-dust-collecting system.
Ultra-fine grinding system can be widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, aquatic feed, seasoning products, food incense, biomass, carbon and other industries. Thanks to the integrated coarse grinder, large-size raw materials can be directly processed into uniform powder products, ranging 60 to 3000 mesh. The output fineness is adjustable dynamically and steplessly in a certain range.

Working Principle:
Material is fed into the coarse grinder through the hopper. After grinding, the material is sucked into the cavity of the ultra-fine pulverizer under the negative pressure condition. The qualified pulverized product is sucked into the cyclone and discharged through the air lock. The larger particles are thrown out and dropped down to the pulverizing rotor to be pulverized again. The fine dust is sucked into pulse dust collector, and collected from the air lock. The clean air is discharged from the exhaust outlet of the fan.

The pulverizing system performs under the condition of closed negative pressure, dust-free production can be achieved. The negative pressure air flow can continuously take away the heat generated in the pulverizing chamber during production, greatly reducing the temperature of the equipment and materials.
  • Coarse grinding and fine pulverizing all in one, multi size raw materials can be processed.
  • Screen free structure design for the pulverizer, free of blockage;
  • Pulverizing process is highly efficient controlled, low energy consumption. 
  • Innovative design of pulverizing mechanism, high yield, uniform fineness and low temperature rise on material;
  • Rugged transmission technology, steady operation;
  • 60 to 1000 mesh can be adjusted dynamically without shutting down the pulverizing machine;
  • Interlock controlling system and overloading protection system, ensuring operation safety;
  • Multi stage powder unloading system is composed of cyclone separator and pulse dust collector, enhancing production yield and no dust spilling over.
Technical Parameters:
Grinding Disc Diameter (mm) 300 400 500 750
Fineness (mesh) 60-1000 60-1000 60-1000 60-1000
Main Motor (kW) 18.5 30 45 75
Grading Motor (kW) 1.5 3 3 4
Air Lock (kW) 0.75*2 0.75*2 0.75*2 0.75*2
Coarse Grinder (kW) 7.5 11 11 22
All models in the above table can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel, according to the usages of the powder products. Stainless steel models are often used in food, medicine, aquatic feed and chemical processing. The carbon steel models are used to pulverize biomass and carbon materials.
Spices Raw Material
Woody Biomass
Wood Charcoal
Spare Parts:
Knives: The knives are made of high-strength alloy steel, hard and durable. The knives can be tailored as per specific project conditions. The weight of each knife is the same, ensuring dynamic balance and stable operation;
Gear Ring: Made of casting alloy steel and through CNC machining, the gears are inserted with wear-resisting alloy steel, enhancing wear resistance and prolong service life;
Grading Impeller: Driven by frequency conversion motor, according to tailored design, the impeller is precisely manufactured upon the specific fineness requirements.
Gear Ring
Grading Impeller
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