Absorbent Albasia Pellets as Animal Bedding

By:Mr Evan Wang
Position:Managing Director
Feb 21, 2020
Albasia wood, also known as Sengon (latin name: Albizia Falcata), is a very light yellowish lumber, lighter than most pine species. It is a fast growing tree species that can be harvested within 3-5 years.
Albasia wood is very good raw material for wood pellet production. SIMEC has built a number of albasia wood pellet factories. Beside being used as fuel pellets, albasia wood pellets have more special advantages as animal bedding. As per the pellet trade record from SIMEC Pellet Union (SPU), most of the albasia pellets were sold as premium animal bedding. Sales price was 30% higher than fuel pellets.
Customers of SPU already tested several varities (Acacia, Pine, Rubber, etc.), and found out Albasia is the suitable raw material for animal bedding.
Absorbent Albasia Pellets
Animal Bedding Pellet Mill

Traditional animal bedding material is dried shavings. Processed by proper technology, albasia wood sawdust can be made into pellets, which have some special advantages as animal bedding:
• Albasia pellets absorb 6-10% more moisture than kiln dried shavings.
• Reduces ammonia smell.
• Reduces stall clean out time.
• Cheaper than traditional shavings.
• Reduces waste removal up to 50%.
• Dramatically reduces storage space.
• Less dust than traditional shavings.
• Perfect for horses and small animals.
Different from calorific value of fuel pellets, absorbent ability is the most important character of animal bedding pellets.
SIMEC developed a method to produce absorbent pellets with albasia sawdust. These absorbing pellets have the property of absorbing and jellify 10 to 25 times its weight in water.
Benefits of using the water absorbing pellets:
Good absorption rate of water base liquids.
Absorbs liquids on a large surface.
Stocks the liquid in a gel form.
Allows adding additives to acquire certain features (odor, acid or base neutralizer agents, detection substance, perfume etc.)
Allows adding products for slow diffusion (pesticides, insecticides or fertilizer)

Albasia Pellets Water Absorbing Test:
Tested Animal Bedding Pellets:
Albasia based wood pellets without additives, produced by SPM520 wood pellet mill.
Step one: fill wood pellets to cup at 175ml level;
Step two: fill water to cup at 175ml level.
It takes about 70 seconds to absorb all the water.

Innovation comes from customer needs. SIMEC will continue with technology development for making high value Albasia Wood Pellets as animal bedding.