Biomass Pyrolysis

Biomass Pyrolysis Laboratory Apparatus

By:Mr Darren Chen
Position:Project Sales Director
Apr 11, 2020
The continuous biomass pyrolysis laboratory apparatus is designed to test the pyrolysis process of different kinds of biomass raw materials. It consists of Control Cabinet, Raw Material Feeder, Pyrolysis Reactor, Syn-gas Burning Device, Gas Sampling Interface and Gas Pipes, etc.
Due to the electric heating system and PID temperature controlling & monitoring system, the apparatus can process the biomass raw materials at any set temperature exactly. The sensitive sensors provide precision experimental data of pyrolysis temperature, gas flow volume and so on. Different stages of biomass pyrolysis experiments can be conducted by this apparatus, such as torrefaction, carbonization, etc.
The compact design of the equipment enables the operator to conduct biomass pyrolysis experiments in a limited space. The simple and accurate operation of this equipment help the clients, who will set up commercial biomass pyrolysis projects, to collect the relevant experimental data for further analysis and research, then improve commercial operation.

1. Reacting Raw Materials:small particle biomass raw materials, moisture content ≤15%, particle size less than 10mm.
2. Pyrolysis Temperature: 200-800 ℃, or customized upon client’s requirement.
3. Raw Material Processing Amount:≥ 5 Kg/H
4. Size of Reactor: Φ133×2264 mm
5. Heat Source: uniquely designed electric heating device
6. Power: 12KW
7. Overall Size: 4M×2.5M×3.5M (L×W×H)

  • The equipment is adopted with PID intelligent temperature controlling & monitoring system, which makes sure the precise and best reacting temperature;
  • The specialized control cabinet enables simple operation & adjustment;
  • Gas Sampling: It is convenient to collect the syn-gas through the special designed syn-gas sampler at the end of the equipment.

Photos of Biomass Pyrolysis Laboratory Apparatus installed in a university:
Biomass Pyrolysis Laboratory Apparatus
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Pyrolyzed Biomass and Apparatus
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