Wood Shredder

wood shredder machine

Wood Shredder Main technical parameter:

Type 1900 1500 1000 500
Motor power(Kw) 55Kw+55Kw 45Kw+45Kw 37Kw+37Kw 7.5Kw+7.5Kw
Output(ton/hour) 8~10 6~8 3~6 1~3
Weight(Kg) 9600 7500 5200 3500
Discharge conveyor(Kw) 3 3 None None
Output particle size(cm) 3~10 3~10 3~10 3~10
Bin size(m) 1.6x2.5 1.2x1.8 0.8x1 0.7x0.75
Overall size(m) 6.5x1.6x2.4 5.2x1.5x2.4 2.9x1.5x1.7 2.1x0.85x1.6

Wood Shredder Machines Features:

  • With super thickened steel plate after finish machining body, wide angle hexagonal strong rotating shaft and big size sturdy feeding hopper,big size raw material can be fed in without any problem;
  • Specially designed and produced rotary cutters with unique design in thickness, shape and arrangement sequence, strong shearing force and sharp blade edge ensure high shredding efficiency;
  • The control system is adopted with start, stop, reversal and overload automatic reversal control functions ensures risk-free safety operation.
  • Low speed rotation, low noise, few dust
  • Cutters is made of special tool steel, sturdy and durable

SIMEC Shredder has double shaft design.It can process various kinds of material into small pieces,such as wooden pallets,vehicle tire,building template,straw bales,paint pots.Sizes of output material can be adjusted by customize the knives.We can design the shredder according to customers' requirements.