Biomass Pellet Co-firing for Indonesia Electric Generation

By:Miss Season Tian
Apr 22, 2020
According to the 2019-2038 National Electricity General Plan of Indoniesia, co-firing method is encouraged to be performed in the coal-fired power generation plants. This is a technology of coal substitution with renewable energy fuels at a certain ratio while still paying attention to the quality of fuel as needed. Through co-firing technology, utilization of fuel from biomass and waste for coal-fired power generation can be carried out quickly without the need to construct a plant. This will be an important step for coal substitution with renewable energy fuels in indonesia.

Indonesia Power Plant
Electric Generation Plant
The raw material for mixed co-firing is biomass including waste which is processed into waste pellets, wood pellets, etc. Co-firing trials have been conducted at various power plants in Indonesia with a mix of co-firing 1 to 5 percent.
To meet the needs of 1% co-firing at power plants in Indonesia, 17,470 tons of biomass per day is needed or 5 million tons of wood pellets per year, equivalent to 7,380 thousand tons per year of waste pellets.
A large potential that can be utilized is domestic waste. This domestic waste has a calorific value of about 1,000 kcal / kg, lower than rice straw (2,400 kcal/kg) or husk (3,000 kcal/kg). But after being processed into RDF pellets, the calorie value of waste can be increased. Waste as raw material for pellets currently has a volume of 20,925 tons per day in Indonesia. Co-firing is a method to solve the energy resource shortage as well as environmental pollution at the same time.
Comparing with coal, biomass pellet contains less sulfur, therefore, co-firing coal and biomass pellet have great potential to reduce CO2, NOx and SOx emissions.

Complete Pellet Line
Wood Pellets
According to the Indonesian Head of the Communication Bureau, Public Information Services and Cooperation Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, target of renewable energy co-firing mix by 2025 is 23%.
Co-firing for electric generation in Indonesia still have a long way to go. There will be a huge demand for biomass pellets in Indonesia driven by the government encouragement policy.
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